Maja Brantås (SE)

Producer and financial consultant. Born in Stockholm in 1980.

Maja Brantås is an associate producer. She graduated at Stockholm University of the Arts in 2003, and business marketing at IHM Business School in 2008. Subsequently, she has been an assistant producer and coordinator at independent production company Garagefilm with features like Sebbe (Babak Najafi, 2010), Call Girl (Mikael Marcimain, 2012), The Giant (Johannes Nyholm, 2016), and Amateurs (Gabriela Pichler, 2018). 2016-2021 Brantås worked as an assistant producer of Annika Rogell and Tangy’s productions. 2021-2022 she worked as an associate producer at the production company Art & Bob, and following that she was Head of Operations at B-Reel Films. Since 2023 Brantås is working as a financial consultant for film and television.

(2021, updated by ed. 2023)

Basic info

Main profession: Producer
Born: 1980
Active: 2001-


Assistent till producenten:
Aniara (2019)
Konstnären får barn (2018)
Nattbarn (2017)
Kiki (2016)
Min lilla syster (2015)
Call Girl (2012)
Jag saknar dig (2011)
Sebbe (2010)
Behandlingen (2009)
Småvilt (2009)
Lidingöligan (2009)

Parning (2019)

Hjärtat (2018)
Amatörer (2018)
Golden Girl (2016)
I Remember When I Die (2016)
Jätten (2016)
Det vita folket (2015)

Allt om min buske (2007)
Länge leve Lennart (2005)
Mongolpiparen : En berättelse om kärlek, magi och fåglar (2004)
Masjävlar (2004)
Boy Meets Girl (2002)
Farligt förflutet (2001)

Assistent till inspelningsledare:
Cuba Libre (2002)

Read more about the films at Svensk Filmdatabas (SE)

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