Alexandra Alegren (SE)

Producer and actor. Born in 1981, active in the film industry since 2002.

Alexandra Alegren has worked as an actress for several years. She has her first main part in a feature film coming out in 2020, as well as parts in American, Swedish and German TV-series and films.

In 2014 Alegren started working at a Swedish independent production company where she learned the basics of film production. During the one year she worked at the company she co-produced two smaller series for children that aired on Swedish television (SVT). In 2015 she was offered the lead in Isabella Carbonell’s film Maniacs (Swedish title: Galningarna). Wanting to take the next step in her career, she asked if she could produce the film as well as act in it. The film premiered at Gothenburg International Film Festival 2016.

In 2018 Alegren joined forces with Maria Karpathakis and Anna Lott and formed Alegren Productions. The all female production company focuses on stories that put women and minorities in a different light.

In 2018 she produced three short films that all got into and premiered at Gothenburg Film Festival 2019. One of them, Brother (Swedish title: Bror), directed by Isabella Carbonell, was also accepted at the International Film Festival in San Francisco. Brother is also used as an educational film at schools in Germany.

In 2020 the feature film The House at the end of the forest which Alegren has co-produced, will premiere. At the moment she is developing a TV series, one feature film and a documentary.


Basic info

Main profession: Producer
Born: 1981
Active: 2002-


Bror (2019)
Tornado (2019)
Dagslända (2019, tillsammans med Fredrik Myrtell)
Hitgirl (2017)
Galningarna (2016)

Huset vid skogens slut (2020)
This is how I roll (SVT, 2014)
Tänk till med Dewide (SVT, 2014)

Huset vid skogens slut (2020)
Top Dog (TV-serie, 2020)
It Comes (2020)
Where is the Wolf? (2020)
Parterapi (TV-serie, 2019)
Finaste Familjen (TV-serie, 2019)
A Little Favour (2019)
Dagslända (2019)
Cookie (2019)
Tornado (2019)
The Inspector and the Sea/Der Kommissar und das Meer (2018)
Gåsmamman (TV-serie, säsong 2 och 3, 2018)
Advokaten (TV-serie, 2018)
Euphoria (Voice Over, 2017)
Hitgirl (2017)
Vilsen (2016)
Secret and Lies (TV, 2016)
Galningarna (2016)
Inferior (2016)
Gina (2015)
Strange Heaven (2015)
Jönssonligan – Den perfekta stöten (2015)
Fruktan (2014)
Hamilton – I nationens intresse (2012)
Bella & Real – The Movie (2010)
Beck – Den svaga länken (2007)

FAD (First Assistant Director):
Hitta positionen (2009)

Read more about the films at Svensk Filmdatabas (SE)

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