Pia Rickman (FI)

Intimacy Coordinator/ Director (screen/ stage). Based in the UK and Finland. Educated at Central School of Speech and Drama (MA Actor Training and Coaching, 2015), Drama Centre London CSM (MA Performance, screen directing, 2008), and at Stadia AMK, Helsinki (BA Media, writing and directing, 2004).

Pia Rickman is a SAG-AFTRA registered Intimacy Coordinator, who established the role in Finland in 2019 as the country’s first intimacy coordinator. Based in between the United Kingdom and Finland, Pia’s prior on-set experience as an assistant director and production manager, and her current position as a senior lecturer of acting, gives her a unique angle on intimacy coordination both within education and the industry.

Pia has been developing innovative and sustainable systems for teaching, acting and staging intimacy. Her specialisms include working with both young and established performers as well as artists from non-traditional acting backgrounds. Her work includes staging intimacy stories of consent and/or non-consent, and supporting productions with consent-forward, inclusive and trauma-informed advocacy and choreography.

Pia has contributed to the intimacy guidelines published by Finnish Film Foundation in 2020, and she was subsequently asked to author the guide “Working with an Intimacy Coordinator” (2021). In 2023 she co-authored “Equity / Bectu: Higher Education Intimacy guidelines” in the UK as well as a chapter on actor boundaries in the newly published collection Stanislavsky and Intimacy (ed. Ré Arp-Dunham, J. 2024).

As the Co-founder of The Intimacy Practitioners’ Guild (IPG), and Co-director of Nordic Intimacy Coordinators (NIC), Pia shares her work with theatre and film artists around Europe, both as a workshop leader and speaker at conferences and industry events, and as teacher at various drama/ film schools in the UK and Finland.


Basic info

Main profession: Intimacy Coordinator
Born: 1979
Active: 2001-


Intimacy Coordinator: 
The Chelsea Cowboy (TBA)
The Diplomat (tv-series, 2 episodes, 2023)
Ted Lasso (tv-series, 2 episodes, 2023)
Romantic Getaway (tv-series, 2 episodes, 2023)
What Remains (2022)
Girl Picture (2022)
Den svavelgula himlen (2021)
Tove (2020)

Intimacy Consultant:
The Gallows Pole (tv-series, 1 episode, 2023)
Napapiirin sankarit 4 (2022)

Acting Coach:
The Unknown Soldier (tv-series, 5 episodes, 2017)
The Unknown Soldier (2017)

First Assistant Director:
Vaktmästaren (short, 2010)
Jälkilämpö (tv-series, 2010)
FC Venus (2005)

Second Assistant Director:
Man Exposed (2006)
Frozen City (2006)
Frozen Land (2005)
Irtiottoja (tv-series, 2003)
Pearls and Pigs (2003)

Production Manager:
Tähtitaivas talon yllä (2012)
Där vi en gång gått (tv-series, 2011)
Där vi en gång gått (2011)
Georg & Lydia (2011)
Onnelliset läskit (short, 2010)

Production Coordinator: 
Frozen Land (2005 mini unit)

Casting Director:
Frozen City (2006)
Irtiottoja (tv-series, 2003)

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