Sara Arrhusius (SE)

Intimacy coordinator for stage, television and film. Co-founder of The Intimacy Collective (India) and member of The Intimacy Practitioners Guild (Europe). Trained intimacy coordinator via Safe Sets (South Africa) and Intimacy Directors and Coordinators (USA).

Sara Arrhusius is a Sag-Aftra recognized Intimacy Coordinator primarily working with film, series and performing arts to establish consent-based work environments, brave spaces, and exciting storytelling.

Sara has coordinated over 50 projects, for all major platforms. At the heart of their practice lies an interest for how psychological safety can create better work processes and creative results. To support that vision Sara’s expertise is three-fold: creative, health/safety focused and administrative. Among other things Sara is trained in dramaturgy, physical theatre, clown and urban dance, as well as conflict resolution, mental health first aid, and trauma informed care. They recently participated in the certification of five new Intimacy Coordinators together with the Intimacy Lab, India.


Basic info

Main profession: Intimacy Coordinator
Active: 2021-


My Wonderful Stranger (2024)
Meningen med livet (tv-serie, 2022-2023)
Börje – The Journey of a Legend (tv-serie, 2023)
Tore (tv-serie, 2023)
Gaslight (tv-serie, 2023)
Paradiset brinner (2023)
Canceled (2023)
Ingen ängel (tv-serie, 2023)
One more time (2023)
Madden (kortfilm, 2023)
Älskade Samir (tv-serie, 2023)
Heartbeats (tv-serie, 2022-2023)
Alla vi Karlssons (tv-serie, 2022)
Handen på hjärtat (tv-serie, 2022)
Vuxna människor (tv-serie, 2022)
Vi i villa (tv-serie, 2022)
Butiken (2022)
Bränn alla mina brev (2022)
Mörkt hjärta (tv-serie, 2022)
Josef (kortfilm, 2022)
Young Royals (tv-serie, 2 säsonger, 2021-2022)
Ligga (tv-serie, 2021)
Sex och relationer (kortfilmer, 2021)
Sjukt (tv-serie, 2021)
Tjejtoan 4-ever (kortfilm, 2021)

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