Melissa Lindgren (SE)

Producer, curator etc. Born in 1986. She has an MFA from Akademi Valand, University of Gothenburg, and was previously the artistic director of Tempo Documentary Festival as well as founder of Cinema Queer International Film Festival.

Melissa Lindgren is a producer and curator based in Stockholm, Sweden. She was born in Stockholm 1986 and graduated from the University of Gothenburg with an MFA in Curatorial Practice (film/video). She is currently working as a producer at the Swedish production company Story AB, focusing on creative documentaries and art-house features. Her first feature length documentary Always Amber premiered at Berlinale, Panorama and has been screened at over 50 festivals.

Melissa is inspired by the share variety and innovation exhibited within documentary storytelling, and by the challenges of producing striking, vibrant and engaging films. Melissa is particularly interested in exploring how film can be used as a point of departure for social change. She enjoys working with both established directors and new talents within the field of documentary and hybrid cinema in Sweden.

Melissa has previously worked at Tempo Documentary Festival where she served as the artistic director until April 2019. She is also the co-funder and festival director of Cinema Queer International Film Festival, the largest lgbtq+ film festival in Sweden.


Basic info

Main profession: Producer
Born: 1986
Active: 2009-


Puss hej då (2023)
La société du spectacle (2023)
Labor (2023)
Megaheartz (2023)
Nattpass (2022)
Boll (2022)
Alltid Amber (tillsammans med Göran Hugo Olsson, 2020)

Assisterande producent:
Idomeni ( 2020)

Read more about the films at Svensk Filmdatabas (SE)

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