Beate Grimsrud (NO)

Director, novelist, scriptwriter. Born in 1963 in Bærum, Norway, moved to Sweden in 1984. Deceased 2020.

1963 - 2020

Beate Grimsrud was a novelist, short story writer, children’s writer, scriptwriter and playwright. She grew up in Norway and moved to Sweden in 1984. She made her literary debut in 1989 with the short story collection Det finns gränser för vad jag inte förstår (”There Are Limits for What I Do Not Understand”). Grimsrud’s books had great success in Norway and Denmark as well as in Sweden. Her childhood story Jag smyger förbi en yxa (”I Sneak Past an Axe”) got nominated for The Nordic Council Literature Prize and her follow-up Vad är det som finns i skogen barn? (”What Is Hidden in the Woods, Children?”) – in which some of the characters from the previous novel reappear – was given the Aftonbladet literature award as well as the Per Wästberg award. Her novel Har du sett mig någon annanstans? (”Have You Seen Me Somewhere Else?”) from 2007 was nominated to the Swedish August award and the Norwegian Brage award. The 2010 novel, “En dåre fri” (“A Fool Free”) was again nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize and the Brage award. In collaboration with Ingrid Alfvén, she has also published children’s books.

Grimsrud’s first short film Konungen (”The King”, 1993) is the story of a young woman who comes to the conclusion that she indeed is a king. She lives with her friends in a castle when suddenly the world outside checks in and wishes to obtain some information concerning the king’s housing benefit figures. It Usually Ends Well (Det brukar gå bra, 2010) is a documentary, written, directed and also acted by Grimsrud. Here, the creator appears in the guise of an overly concerned cat mom of the feline Kiril, who decides to disappear a mere four days before giving birth to kittens. Not before long, “Beate” has the whole neighbourhood engaged in the search.


Basic info

Main profession: Director
Born: 1963
Died: 2020
Active: 1993-


Det brukar gå bra (2010)
Några frågor om boxning (1999)
En film om fotboll (1995)
Konungen (1993)

Det brukar gå bra (2010)
Bollen i ögat (2000)
Några frågor om boxning (1999)
En film om fotboll (1995)
Konungen (1993)

Det brukar gå bra (2010)

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