Titte Törnroth (SE)

Director and tv producer. Born 1955 in Helsinki, Finland. Living on Åland. Studies at YLE Vocational College, 1980 (TV-producer), Stockholm University of Arts (DI), 1982-1985 (Director of film and TV), och TAIK, University of Film, Helsinki, 1995-1997 (Master of Art studies in Documentary Film).

Titte Törnroth is a director and television producer. She has worked both freelance and for the television companies SVT in Sweden and YLE in Finland. Törnroth has also worked as a general and political reporter on Åland, and between 2018-2023 she was Åland’s film commissioner, where her main job was to attract film shoots to Åland. The fact that, for example, television series Hjerson (created by Lisa James Larsson, Lisa Farzaneh and Patrik Gyllström), and the remake of the upcoming Finnish-Swedish film Stormskärs Maja (directed by Tiina Lymi) have been shot on Åland is due to Törnroth.


Basic info

Main professions: Director, Producer
Born: 1955
Active: 1985-


Vägsjälar (tv-series, 1998)
Vill ni se på stjärnor (tv-series, 1996)
Miljöbyrån (tv-series, 1995)
Osynlig närvaro (tv-series, 1991)
Rättegångar (tv-series, 1988)
Om ni inte hade mig (tv-series, 1988)
Brice Glace (Hans Majestäts Statsisbrytaren Frej, 1987)
Cirkus Safari (1985)

Read more about the films at Svensk Filmdatabas (SE)


1988: Brice Glace C.I.C.A.E. award winner Berlin Film Festival.
1988: Circus Safari. Best Swedish Youth Film.
1988: Arbete med liv. Best Swedish educational commercial film.

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