Marianne Sand (SE)

Swedish/Norwegian director, etc. Born 1977. Educated in London at the Academy of live & recorded Arts (1998-2002).

Marianne Sand is a Swedish/Norwegian director, playwright and actor. She began her career as an actor and in recent years she has moved towards directing as well as developing a television series. She began her career as a director in the theater, where she has written, directed and produced fifteen theater productions.

After working abroad for a few years as an assistant director on Der krieg und ich (which was nominated for an Emmy in 2019) and on Atlantic Crossing (which won an Emmy in 2021), Marianne Sand took on the role as director in 2022 on a television series as well as a feature film with the same name: Karsten and Petra. “Making my debut as a director for a film and TV series starring young children, with animals and filming by and on water, has been very challenging and exciting,” she says. “I have learned a lot and feel a sense of pride in having completed this as a further step in my development as a director.”

Marianne sees an advantage in the fact that she has a background in acting, and as a director she wants to work inclusively and create a commitment from everyone in the team. She is now (2022) starting the post-production of Karsten og Petra. In parallel, she is developing her own television series, as well as continuing her profession as an actor.


Basic info

Main profession: Director
Born: 1977
Active: 1997-


Karsten og Petra (2023)
Karsten og Petra (tv-serie, säsong 3, 2023)

Exit (tv-serie, 2021)
Spionen (2019)
Rig 45 (tv-serie, 2018)

Atlantic Crossing (tv-serie, 2020)
Der krieg und ich (2019)

Aberdeen (2000)

Dialog Coach:
Atlantic Crossing (tv-serie, 2020).
Breaking Surface (2020)
Der krieg und ich (2019)

Dialogöversättning av norska huvudkaraktärens repliker:
Morden i Sandhamn (tv-serie, 2024)

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