Emma Gauffin (SE)

Costume Designer.

Emma Gauffin is a costume designer based in Stockholm. Born in the sixties, in a family of engineers, she grew up in the city and the archipelago nearby. She describes her upbringing as very permissive and creative, where her parents built everything themselves – whether a house or an amplifier – from scratch. Her father’s work brought the family to Japan in the 70’s.The time spent there as a young person had a profound impact on her: the colours, the swarming big cities, the aesthetics and the high tech, the bizarre popular culture, and especially all the animated films and samurai movies aired on tv – the mix of old and new – all combined with Godzilla, kimonos and a spectacular nature.

Back in Stockholm the interest in film and popular culture continued. She studied art history, production design, tailoring and couture. Emma’s initial aim was to work with production design, but the tailoring took over. The sensation and texture of fabrics, how you cut fabrics to shape garments, to be hands on and learn a craft.

In 1993 she set up her own studio developing tailored designs, including work for both stage and screen, learning the process of creating characters and costumes. This is when she met costume designers and was introduced to the film industry for the first time. During this period, she also worked as a design consultant in the Swedish fashion industry. Emma often visited the workshop in Italy and Portugal where her tailored patterns were made into ready to wear fashion. Navigating this process gave her great knowledge of materials, techniques and how to communicate and lead a team.

Since 2010 focus is on costume design for film and tv series. “I am happy for the long experience in different fields, it gives me a good sense of interpreting ideas, supporting production, direction and actors, and also how to find and organize your crew,” she says.

Emma describes it as exceptional to work with a film production team – to find new collaborations among all the creatives, staff and craftsmen, making stories come to life: “In expressing realism or costumes for any genre or period of time, no stone is left unturned, and if I do not find what I am looking for, I create it.”


Basic info

Main profession: Costume Designer
Born: 1964
Active: 1989-


Kapningen (tv-serie, 2023)
Magisterlekarna (2022)
Pingis – ett skilsmässodrama i fem set (kortfilm, 2020)
Jag kommer hem igen till jul (2019)
Enkelstöten (tv-serie, säsong 2, 2019)
The Wife (Sweden, 2018)
Sthlm Rekviem (tv-serie, 2018)
All inclusive (2017)
Glada hälsningar från Missångerträsk (2015)
Cupcake (kortfilm, 2014)
Stockholm Stories (2013)
Pälsen (kortfilm, 2008)
Fritt fall (kortfilm, 2007)

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